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Dear Future Wholesale Business Owner,

We want to show you not only how to build a six figure income quickly, but we also want to make sure that you don’t make costly mistakes, be stressed out or waste hours of time getting started, researching and looking for different wholesale products that don’t sell.

We want to show you the quickest and fastest way to build your new wholesale business, without going through the hardships that most entrepreneurs make each day.

So how will this happen?

We have teamed up with wholesale experts and authorities on wholesale business distribution.

With just a couple of his “powerful secrets” that he is now willing to share with you, — it’s alright to say that…

Your Wholesale Business Income Will Quickly Multiply…

First, I would like to introduce you to several wholesale business and wholesale product examples.

These proven and tested methods will get you and your wholesale business up and running quickly so your profits will


These are some benefits of why others have started their own wholesale business:
  • You don’t need to work for another company for a couple of years to make a career change. You can start right now!
  • Can feel confident that you don’t have to spend $20K to $100K of overhead to start a new company.
  • Can feel comfortable that you aren’t alone out there when starting up, we are there giving you the support, tools and information to be successful.
  • You can take out the fear factor of losing thousands of dollars when starting your own company.
  • Can have the flexibility in your day to run simple things like errands that you would have to do on the weekend.
  • Can pay off those bills and get rid of that financial burden that overhangs you everyday while putting money back in your wallet.
  • You will have access to a vehicle that is proven and will jumpstart your career.
  • Can feel a sense of accomplish that you are making a difference in your life.
  • Can have the ability to have absolute control of your destiny.

You Can Take Advantage of these Wholesale Business Tips and Secrets Which Come Form 10 Years of Experience!

Take Action Now!

All these wholesale business tips and secrets had to come from somewhere right?

You bet they did! Not only are you getting the hottest new tips and secrets on how to start your own wholesale business, but you are also getting something that has not yet been duplicated by anyone.

That’s right. There is nobody on the market with this much knowledge that is willing to bring this much information at the cost we are doing it. Normally you would have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a consultant to give you the advice we are about to give you.

You will now get over 2.3 hours of expert advice from Jorge Olson himself,  the Wholesale Business expert, at a huge discount!

You will know that the information you are receiving is cutting edge, because Jorge has worked and still works extremely close with wholesalers, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives and thought leaders in today’s hottest markets.

Here are some of Jorge Olson’s major accomplishments:

· Wholesale Business Analyst for Wall Street

· Owner of several wholesale businesses

· Worked with Proctor & Gamble, Hershey’s, Coca Cola

· Sold to over 160,000 retailers including 7-Eleven, Circle K, Wal-Mart, Supervalu, Albertson’s, Walgreens, Sav-on, Safeway, Thrifty, Arco AM/PM, and many more.

· Sold truckloads of products to retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

· Additionally he’s launched more than 120 consumer goods products and exported hundreds to Mexico.

· Sold wholesale products through distributing product himself with his own trucks.

· He’s had several distribution centers in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles California as well as Phoenix.

· Trained salespeople, sales managers and VP’s of small and large companies.

· Sold to wholesalers, exporters and distributors, drop shipping.

· Sold $20,000 per month on eBay to test that sales channel.

· Keynote speaker on wholesale business, beverage, and self promotion.

· Consults with start-ups and large wholesale businesses on how to launch, market and sell their products.

You Will Quickly Learn Step By Step Methods To Start, Run and Grow A Profitable Wholesale Business

So, now imagine a wholesale  business where you get a customer once and sell products to them for years upon years. Now imagine that you can make $12,323.44 per month not only for a month, not even for a year, but for 3 years, for 8 years, even for 16 years or more.

A wholesale business is easy to operate, you don’t need infrastructure or a large investment and you don’t need a truck or to open a retail store.

You don’t need to pay rent for an office or manage employees.


Better yet, you only need to use a corner of a room to hold product or use part of a garage.

This way you can transport the merchandise easily to your customers.

Many large companies use this type of selling strategy to sell their products. They hire representatives who work out of their homes to sell their products. It has been time tested and used by almost every single major consumer good company in the USA including:

§ Procter & Gamble

§ Coca Cola

§ Pepsi Cola

§ Hershey’s

§ Johnson & Johnson

§ Lay’s Potato Chips

§ Frito Lay

§ Mars Chocolates

§ And Thousands More

These companies sell soda, candy, novelties, health and beauty products, clothing, and thousands of other products.

Fortunately for you, newer brands and companies are starting hot new products everyday. They are looking and searching for small, medium and large distributors to sell their products.

That’s where you come in.. You, like many others can start selling into retail stores, one of the major economy drivers in the country.

Much like the big companies, you can start selling into to stores like Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Supervalu, Safeway, Circle K, Walgreens, Macy’s, Seers, Clothing Stores, Specialty Stores, and every type of retail store there is.

The market is huge!

Much like the big companies, you can immediately use this same strategy by opening up your own wholesale business and start selling into hundreds of stores, into hotels, restaurants, bars. supermarkets, pharmacies and independent stores in your area.

The best part is that you will have the step by step methods for you to make this happen now!

Keep It Small Or Grow It To An Empire

Exactly how big is this wholesale business in the USA? How large is your new niche? How much you can sell? Well it is safe to say there is room for anyone to join the business. According to the US census bureau US wholesalers sell $377 Billion per month. Yes, that’s billions every single month.

Yes, there is an opportunity to enter the wholesale market.

The great thing about the wholesale business is that you can start your business small, on your own, part time or on weekends. You can stay as a small business or grow it as large as you want with no or few employees. It all depends on you and what you want to do. Now that’s flexibility.

If you want to test the business you can take one day a week or even every 2 weeks to test it out. You can also test it on the weekends and see if you like it. If you start making more than your day job you will then have to decide to do it part time or to change it to a full time venture.

Want more? It is easy to scale up the business simply by multiplying the number of people and the number of customers. Yes, same products, same strategy, same prices, same everything, just add more people to the mix.

Want even more? You can expand to other towns, cities or even states. Yes, you can have multiple accounts all over the country selling wholesale products to your accounts.

You will quickly learn the power of wholesale businesses and how you can create some part time income working a few hours per day or on the weekends or turn it into your wholesale empire!

The bottom line is that this means more money back in your wallet…

Now you will have the time to do the things you want, when you feel like doing them.

Learn the Step By Step Formula to Making $12,323.44 Per Month By Just Listening to over 2.3 Hours of Powerful Audio

You will learn exactly how to start your wholesale distribution business at any size, at any town, from your own home using just a car. Yes, this is the only requirement. Why do you need a car? You need it to deliver your products and to collect your money.

Order Course #1: The Quick Start-up to Grow a Profitable Wholesale Business by scrolling down the bottom.

Here’s everything you get:

Course Material:

Two sixty minutes interviews with Jorge Olson:

Packed with the best wholesale business information available. Yes, 2 hours filled with Jorge Olson’s very own coaching, experience and expertise to help you succeed. After you finish this recording you will know more than ever wanted to know about how to make a living, or start an empire with wholesale products.

Interview #1 with Jorge Olson – 1 Hour includes:

  • History of wholesale distribution.
  • Identify and sell the best products,
  • Learn to start small or go big
  • Learn tips if you want to sell wholesale online (eBay).
  • Learn that you don’t need to always start your own product.
  • Learn how to become a Jobber (wholesaler).
  • Learn what is ‘Supply Chain” and the big picture in the wholesale business

Interview #2 with Jorge Olson – 1 Hour includes:

  • Learn how to get started with just a car.
  • Learn exactly how much money you have to start with if you want to go big or small
  • Learn step by step on how to merchandise products and approach new stores
  • Learn what to do when you need to come back and service new stores to make sure your product gets sold .

“The Quick Start-up to Grow a Profitable Wholesale Business” by Jorge Olson.

Over 60 pages ofwholwsale business instruction. You will learn the founding blocks which will enable you to become a successful wholesaler. Jorge teaches you the basic terminology along with managing your cash flow, inventory and much more. You will also learn which of the different wholesale business and distribution channels to utilize and the best way to sell through those channels.




You will also get an amazing step by step success formula, but

also an audio that explains how to use it.

*This formula will show you how to make $12,323.44 per month or even more. It will show you exactly what you need to get started, how much time it will take you and a step by step guide to how to do it.

*It is a formula to what you need to do to reach your goals in a small business. You will get the right information, the right tools and the formula you can use to decide how fast you want to grow.

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Nothing against 75 page business plans, but they are not made to go out and make money next week. This course is made for you to understand it and apply the information whenever you want.

Yes!I want The Quick Start-up to Grow a Profitable Wholesale Business that gives me total financial and personal freedom. I want to reap the rewards of Jorge Olson’s knowledge and understand that this Step by Step Course gives me everything I need to do that in the shortest time possible.

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As part of this wholesale business  package you get the very special service and training which is included. Plus, you get access to Jorge Olson’s guidance for you and your wholesale business on over 2.3 hours worth of powerful audios… and… you get complete access to 10 years of his business expertise.

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